Kamado Premium Orange - Limited Edition


This kamado is only available in Belgium and The Netherlands (for now)


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130,000 (cm)
122,000 (cm)
55,000 (cm)
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What do you need for the ultimate barbecue? Sharp knives, food, friends, oh and yes… a barbecue! These are our Homey’s kamado’s to match your barbecue skills. Prepare your favorite food and that of your guests all at once on the large grill. Steak, vegetables, fish, you name it. Make it an evening to remember!

Made of high-quality ceramic and cordierite, finished with fiberglass felt seal which is much more durable than regular felt. The Homey’s kamados have a powder-coated steel base on wheels, two foldable worktops, ashtray, coal grate, and chip feeder. The cast iron daisy wheel has an attachable rain cap for temperature regulation. The kamado’s come with an extra night light for the dedicated grillers.


  • Large dome made of ceramic and cordierite
  • Highly durable fiberglass seal 
  • Stainless steel grid (47 cm)
  • Stainless steel venting regulator
  • Cast iron coal grate and daisy wheel with integrated rain cap
  • Including chip feeder
  • Two foldable worktops made of bamboo wood
  • Including light for a barbecue at night
  • Including an extra sturdy and easily adjustable powder-coated steel hinge system
  • Powder-coated steel base on wheels
  • Available in black and orange


  • Outside diameter: 55 cm
  • Grid diameter: 47 cm 
  • Width including side worktops: 130 cm
  • Working height: 87 cm
  • Total height: 122 cm
  • Ceramic Thickness: 2.5cm
In the event of damage to the kamado, and this damage is covered by the warranty, the damage will be repaired or, if unrepairable, the relevant parts are replaced. With the repair and/or replacement of parts, the obligations arising from these warranty conditions are met. When claiming the warranty, the buyer is obliged to supply photos and/or videos on the basis of which the damage and lawfulness of the warranty claim can be assessed. The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper assembly, deficiencies in maintenance, failure to follow operating instructions, transportation, dropping, misuse, abuse, negligence, extreme environmental/ weather conditions, normal wear and tear, accidents, and natural disasters. Also not covered under the warranty is damage caused by unauthorized repairs, adjustments, and changes to the kamado. Scratches, cracks, chips, dents, crazing and minor cosmetic imperfections on both the external glaze and the ceramic parts that do not affect the functioning of the kamado are not covered by our warranty policy. The warranty does not apply to chips and cracks that appear after purchase of the kamado by the original purchaser. Wood components are not covered against normal weathering or cracking unless structural integrity is also lost. The warranty is void if flammable liquids, including lighter fluid and benzene, are used in or around the kamado. The protective layer of the kamado can be affected by substances and circumstances beyond the seller's control. Surface scratches and/or exposure to substances such as chlorine, chemicals, fertilizers, extreme humidity, lawn pesticides, salt, and extreme cold can affect used materials and protective coatings. Despite the use of materials resistant to rust in production, this means that rust and oxidation of metal, stainless steel, and cast iron parts are not covered by the warranty unless it affects the structural integrity of the kamado. Commercial use and similar applications are not covered by the warranty. The applicability of the warranty is based on normal household use and maintenance. Seller shall not be liable for any failure or delay in complying with these warranty terms arising out of circumstances beyond Seller's control. This includes natural disasters, fire, legal restrictions, strikes, reduced supplies of goods, or transport delays. To the fullest extent permitted by law, any express or implied warranties required by law, including warranties of merchantability, use, and fitness for a particular purpose, do not extend beyond this warranty. The seller is not liable for incidental, special and consequential damages. The warranty only entitles you to repair and/or replacement of the damaged part. The general warranty period on a kamado is 5 years. This includes ceramic parts, hinges and locks, and temperature gauge. The warranty period on the fire ring, fire bowl (fire ring and fire box) and the felt is 6 months.