It’s one of the most eaten dishes worldwide: Sushi. Over time, this Japanese delicacy found its way into our hearts – and into our bellies. You can’t imagine how many variations there are of this dish but one thing remains the same… The best sushi is homemade sushi. Not only does it taste good, the preparation of it turns it into a whole experience. And it’s actually not that hard to make once you have the right equipment. With the Homey’s NIPPON you can turn your home into a sushi restaurant. Make it with friends, family, or make it a dinner for one.

What’s in it?

The Nippon consists of two Japanese knives, a Yanagiba (sashimi) knife, and an Usuba (vegetable) knife. This set also comes with a bamboo rolling mat, 3 bowls for sides, and 4 pairs of chopsticks with matching rests. Everything comes in a food-safe can ideal for storage. It is also the perfect present, no gift box needed! All the essentials for making – and eating – the best homemade sushi. As if you were in Japan… but then at home at the dinner table.

Sushi and sashimi knives

Japanese cuisine requires different knives to the Western kitchen. A unique trait of Japanese knives is their single cutting edge. One side is sharpened and the other remains flat, as to Western knives, which are sharpened on both sides. The flat end on Japanese knives makes sure that food doesn’t stick to the knife. Another difference is sharpness. Japanese knives are much sharper than Western knives as they require delicate handling and slicing. Two important knives for making sushi are the Yanagiba and the Usuba. Good thing both knives are in this sushi set!

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Yanagiba sashimi knife

This knife is great for cutting and filleting fish due to its long, slim blade. Because of its sharpness, it is also good for cutting sushi rolls. Wet your knife before cutting the sushi rolls to make sure the rice doesn’t stick to your knife.

Usuba vegetable knife

With this knife, you can easily cut and peel vegetables, fruit, and nori sheets into paper-thin slices. When cutting, its thin, straight blade makes complete contact with the cutting board – perfect for making clean cuts. • Professional sushi and sashimi knives made of stainless steel • ATTENTION: do NOT wash in the dishwasher • These knives are covered by Homey’s 5 years warranty policy

Bamboo rolling mat

Making sushi requires patience and practice but with this reusable bamboo rolling mat you will be rolling sushi in no time – the traditional way. To clean your rolling mat, soak in it hot water and remove all the food scraps. Let the rolling mat dry completely. To avoid getting rice stuck in your rolling mat, you can lay down a sheet of cling wrap on the mat.

Chopsticks, rests and side dishes

Not only do you need essentials for making sushi, but you also need them for eating as well! In this set, you will find four sets of chopsticks with matching rests, and three side dishes for your wasabi, ginger, and soy sauce. Everything is reusable, just clean them with water and detergent. Impress your friends and family with a homemade sushi meal.