Beauty & Care


What feels better than starting your day with a new coupe, freshly trimmed face, or manicured nails? Having done it yourself! Get the same results at home as at the hairdresser or beauty specialist.


Nothing is as essential as using the right tools when it comes to beauty and care. Whether it’s for your hair, face, nails, or skin. Homey’s has decades of experience in developing tools for head-to-toe beauty.

Our tools are durable and of exceptional quality but most importantly, they do what they must do – every time. Nothing is more frustrating than not getting the expected result. That is why we’ve spent the last few years testing and perfecting our tools before presenting them to you.


Whether you’re a professional beauty guru or someone who just needs to be plucked once in a while… Our beauty and care tools fit your every need: high quality, user-friendly, and reasonably priced. Everyone should be able to enjoy the perks of good tools.


The Homey’s beauty and care collection consist of all the essential tools for head-to-toe beauty. All tools come in sustainable packaging.