Meet the Team

We are not just colleagues, we are a group of homies. We work together, laugh together, cry together, and we have fun together. We would love to get to know you but let us first introduce ourselves…



Samantha | Memories Architect

Hi, Sam here. I am the (digital) marketing specialist behind Homey’s. I oversee all the communication from us to you – and back. Creating breathtaking content, making sure our website looks awesome, and taking care of new exciting projects.My job allows me to be creative and to think on a strategic level at the same time.


Every day is a different day and sometimes I get to do crazy stuff. I once went into the Catacombs of Paris with our homey’s La Vie en C. Just a little illegal so sshht... Most days I am hanging around the office, not breaking the law. In my free time, I love to travel around the world. Meeting new people, discovering different cultures, and tasting amazing new food. When I am not working or traveling you can find me at the gym, in the kitchen, or at my friends' house somewhere near their pets.

+ Food, dogs, more food, and more dogs

- The cold and cilantro 

Next adventure: Iceland or Mexico

Favorite Tool: The Charcuterie knives for sure!

Jeroen | Creator of Opportunities

This is Jeroen, born Hieronymus, creator of opportunities as they call me here. I am proud of the name Hieronymus. Since my mother was homesick to her birth town Den Bosch, she named me after the famous medieval painter, Hieronymus Bosch. Link? Not necessarily accepting the standard but further than that I do not even stand close to his shadow…


From the moment we started with Homey’s, we have only had fun creating our tools and the stories around them. Always seeking the next adventure in everyday life and business – and that is where I come in! 


If you ask me, it is all about not taking yourself too seriously. That is why Homey’s fits me and makes me proud. We are on this planet for an average of 80 years only. Let’s make the best out of it and let us not stop thinking about tomorrow. That is why I love to hang out with friends and family, drink, sport, and eat – In changing order!

+ “weak klets”

- The noise of people clicking their pen

Next adventure: Cycling trip to Spain

Favorite tool: Steak knives by Schiffmacher!

Julia | Master of Tools

Hello there! My name is Julia and I am the Product Manager for Homey’s Tools For Life. My job is to make sure that our Homey’s products fulfill everybody’s needs to make their lives happier and easier. Besides keeping our current product line in the best condition, I also work with my team on exciting new product developments which will blow your mind away and will surely encourage you to go on an adventure someday somewhere. It is important to me that people challenge themselves. It keeps you alive and kicking. The best way of course to do this is with our tools! 

+ People, Food, Drinks, Music

- Products with a long and complicated manual

Next adventure: Hut-to-Hut hiking trip in the Austrian Alps. I probably need a volunteer to carry all my Homey’s tools!

Favorite Homey’s tool: Vitt knives collection with ergonomic handles of sustainable wheatgrass