Powerful, tough and extremely sharp. Homey’s Svart knife has it all. So do you want to be a real boss/macho in the kitchen? Then this knife is the perfect one for you!

What makes SVART so powerful?

What makes the Svart knife so powerful is that the handle and blade blend seamlessly into each other. With most of the knives, the blade is separated from the handle. Due to the separate parts, different materials are used. With the Svart knife, the entire knife is made of stainless steel. Where the power of this Homey’s knife comes back, is that it is easier to recycle a product when it is completely made of the same material. Also, the production process costs less energy because the knife is easier to forge than other knives.

An edgy looking knife

But what gives this Homey’s knife such a tough appearance? The blade blurs into a blackened handle. Because there is no clear transition to be seen, the Svart knife gets a sturdy and edgy look. This makes you the boss of the kitchen! Svart is the Swedish word for black, the color that makes the knife so authentic. The blackened effect of the black handle is created by a special way to release iron oxide on it. Of course this is completely food safe (LFGB).

Look though in the kitchen

The Svart knife is made of very sharp stainless 3Cr13 steel and the handle of 420 stainless steel. Besides the knife itself, the packaging of Homey’s knives is also durable. The packaging is made of recycled cardboard. The box in which the knife is packed, is not only very nice to give as a gift. You can even turn the packaging into a lampshade or a tea-light holder! Also very tough, right?? Right, and when you are so tough in the kitchen, you can also do the dishes very tough by hand because it is not advisable to put the SVART knife in the dishwasher.