By Schiffmacher

Cook, eat, and live in style with the By Schiffmacher series. A Chef’s Knife, Cutting Board, Steak Knives, and the new Man's Ruin designed by the legend Henk Schiffmacher. Experience his passion for the butcher’s trade, cuisine, and badass tattoos.


A complete series for those who are passionate about cuisine, tattoos, and knives.


The By Schiffmacher series is designed by one of the worlds greatest tattoo artists Henk Schiffmacher. You see, Henk is a Dutch butchers son and learned to work with sharp knives at a young age. This is where Homey's Tools For Life comes in.


Together, we designed some cool tools for cooking and eating. High quality steak knives, an eye-catching chef's knife, and a robust chopping block inspired by the butcher's trade. All with hand-drawn tattoos by Henk himself. Different styles from the tattoo-art come together in our tools giving them body with a badass story.

Man's ruin

And now our final collaboration... One of the most iconic and timeless tattoos ever brought to life. This is the Man's Ruin By Schiffmacher.