We are Homey’s Tools For Life

Ever since 1970, we are specialized in knives and tools to conquer everyday life.


Quality, sustainability, functionality, and having lots of fun.


We develop everyday all-rounders for indoor and outdoor use, never losing these core values out of sight. Whether you are an active outdoorsman, cooking enthusiast, creative spirit, or beauty lover. They are tools for making memories.


Quality – We have been in the knives and tools business since 1970. Along the way, we have gained expertise and experience in this branch. Our tools are developed with the best quality but still being accessible and affordable to all.


Sustainability – We know there is always room to improve but our tools are eco-friendly where possible. The materials we source for our tools and packaging are either natural, recycled, or recyclable. Cardboard, bamboo, and wheatgrass are some of the materials we frequently use. Where a piece of plastic can be left out it will be left out, without sacrificing quality. As for tools that last decades contribute to a more sustainable world.


Functionality – We do not just make awesome-looking products… We make tools that are functional (and look awesome). We see today’s interests, questions, and challenges and develop tools based on that. What is needed? What is wanted? What can help you to conquer everyday life?


Having fun – We get a kick out of creating and developing our tools. It is a whole fun experience for us and that is exactly the feeling we want to convey with our tools. A knife is good to have but what we are interested in is what that knife is used for. Building a treehouse with the kids, a BBQ with friends, or a movie night with lots of snacks. Our tools are for having a good time. They are tools for making memories.


How to describe us in one word? Well, we must say it’s the Dutch word “Gezellig”. This word, however, does not have an English translation that fully embodies the meaning of this word. So let’s describe it to you…

The idea of ‘gezellig’ goes beyond the word itself. It means cozy, fun, and comfortable. It is a way to describe a great vibe or a wonderful time. It is the feeling you get when you are with loved ones when opening the first beer with your friends. It is just the general togetherness.

Gezellig is how we wish to work together and is the feeling we want to convey with our tools. This word encompasses the heart of our DNA.


Working together with great names is one thing… but seeking collaborations with those who share the same passion as us, that’s something else. Take our collaboration with the Dutch tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher, for instance. Henk is a butcher’s son and grew up with knives as a kid. During the design process, Henk would tell us the most intriguing stories about his youth, the history of knife making, the meaning of different tattoos. All these stories, Henk’s passion, and his excitement are captured in our tools. And that is what makes this collaboration so powerful. Whether it’s a world-famous artist or a local hero, if there is passion, we want it.



We play hard but we work even harder. We love the thrill of doing business and we are not familiar with the word impossible - we will make it work for you. So, what’s it like working with us?

• Catchy concepts with a proven turnover rate

Good margins

• Excellent stock positions

• Personalized point of sales support

• Product training

• A team that is ready to help you with any question and provide support where needed

• Marketing and sales tools to improve your market knowledge and grow your business

• Products and packaging sustainable where possible


And we are just scratching the surface here…


But try it for yourself rather than just reading our words! We would love to get in touch and hear about your ideas, questions, or challenges. Nothing is impossible, remember?