About Homey’s GRILLA

The Grilla consists of three Homey’s SVART knives and a heavy duty grill mat, bundled in a denim BBQ apron with leather details. The BBQ essentials come in a big matt black can. This can is food safe and is ideal for storage. This way, you don’t have to throw away the package. And the lid? With this, you can make Hamburgers. A capital ‘H’ indeed, because this mould creates THE perfect Hamburger.

Denim Apron

With its heavy denim quality and leather details, this BBQ apron is not only comfortable and cool but it’s also functional. It has pockets in the front to hold all your BBQ tools. Now you have one hand free for an ice-cold beer.

Professional Svart Knives

The Homey’s SVART knives are not meant for the kitchen drawer. They’re meant to be seen; on the counter, next to the BBQ, served in a juicy steak. But what makes these knives so awesome?

Normal knives have a separated handle and blade. The handle and blade of Homey’s SVART knives smoothly merge into one. Cool and edgy. The blackened effect is created by a special iron oxide treatment. Not only does it look cool, but it’s also completely food safe. The knives are made of strong, stainless steel and are razor sharp.

Heavy duty grill mat

Grill your meat, fish or vegetables on this grill mat. What the hell, bake a pizza on it! Place it on the BBQ grill to make sure nothing sticks or falls in between the grill. Ideal for smaller foods, like those spice garlic prawns.

Homey’s Grilla as a gift

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give to a barbecue freak? Search no longer, because Homey’s GRILLA is the gift that will complete a real barbecue equipment. And all this in a beautiful and handy gift box.