Pocket Knives

Homey’s Outdoor Knives

At Homey’s, we love knives! We’ve proven this love by launching the SVART and VITT kitchen knives series. Luckily enough, Homey’s didn’t just stop at designing kitchen knives. Knives come in handy in a lot of other circumstances, especially outdoor ones. That’s why Homey’s offers a great variety of outdoor knives.


The wide range of Homey’s Outdoor Knives

Homey’s outdoor knives stand for great quality to a friendly price. There’s something out there for everyone, from beginners to more experienced knife users. Thereunto, the Homey’s outdoor product range doesn’t stop at just pocket knives.

The ‘Fieldpal’ series

If you’re going wild camping and happen to be looking for a robust axe, a reliable pocket knife or a steady machete, the Homey’s ‘Fieldpal’ series is worth taking a look at.

Around the house and DIY

If you’re knee deep into arts and crafts or when you’re doing some chores around the house, you might face situations in which you’d have to cut rope, paper, tape or anything else. A sharp but safe pocket knife might come in handy. A knife from the Homey’s ‘Profjob’ series could become your daily companion.

Try ‘Pru-Tri’

For gardening and flower arranging, Homey’s provides with a special curved bladed pruning knife in the form of the ‘Pru-Tri’.

A lot of other outdoor circumstances require a suitable outdoor knife. Fortunately, a solution to whatever outdoor plight lies within the product range of Homey’s outdoor knives.