Kamado Premium Black Edition - Complete BBQ Package

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What do you need for the ultimate barbecue? Sharp knives, food, friends, oh and yes… a barbecue! These are our Homey’s kamado’s to match your barbecue skills. Prepare your favorite food and that of your guests all at once on the large grill. Steak, vegetables, fish, you name it. Make it an evening to remember!

Made of high-quality ceramic and cordierite, finished with fiberglass felt seal which is much more durable than regular felt. The Homey’s kamados have a powder-coated steel base on wheels, two foldable worktops, ashtray, coal grate, and chip feeder. The cast iron daisy wheel has an attachable rain cap for temperature regulation. The kamado’s come with an extra night light for the dedicated grillers.

Including all essential accessoires

  • A divide and conquer system, for maximum flexibility when barbecuing
  • A pizza stone, so you can bake the tastiest pizzas, flammkuchen, and bread
  • An ash poker, for stoking your fire and keeping the bottom clean
  • A protective cover, so that your kamado stays beautiful for as long as possible
  • A Grilla knife set, to prepare all the food that will go on your BBQ


  • Large dome made of ceramic and cordierite
  • Highly durable fiberglass seal 
  • Stainless steel grid (47 cm)
  • Stainless steel venting regulator
  • Cast iron coal grate and daisy wheel with integrated rain cap
  • Including chip feeder
  • Two foldable worktops made of bamboo wood
  • Including light for a barbecue at night
  • Including an extra sturdy and easily adjustable powder-coated steel hinge system
  • Powder-coated steel base on wheels


  • Outside diameter: 55 cm
  • Grid diameter: 47 cm 
  • Width including side worktops: 130 cm
  • Working height: 87 cm
  • Total height: 122 cm
  • Ceramic Thickness: 2.5cm
The general warranty period on a kamado is 5 years. Visit our warranty page for more information.