Posted by Samantha Herbst on 22nd Oct 2020

Homey's steak knives by Schiffmacher

Schiffmacher Steakknives by Henk Schiffmacher - Photo by Elke Naber

"S-Hertogenbosch - Tattooist Henk Schiffmacher has partnered with the Homey's brand. Together they are releasing this luxury steak knife set, combining Schiffmacher's passion for the butcher trade, tattoos and culinary enjoyment.

A sturdy knife for Schiffmacher

  At a young age butcher's son Henk Schiffmacher learned to appreciate a good, sturdy knife. “You used to have your own knife. You carried this with you for the rest of your life and you did everything with it. I want to bring this back ”. The link with Corsican heritage was soon established. The Shepherd’s Knife was the knife of the peasant population on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. Farm life was tough and people had to be able to rely on their tools. On his 10th birthday, a boy got his first knife from his father. A tradition that continues from generation to generation.

Tatau shark teeth

“Tattoos originate in distant Polynesia. The Polynesian peoples wear their tattoos symbolically. One of these tattoos is the niho mano, or shark teeth. According to the Polynesians, sharks are divine ancestors and symbolize strength. Sharks use their teeth to easily rip through their prey. This symbolism is therefore propagated by the sharp steak knives that cut through tThe set consists of four robust steak knives, each with a unique and recognizable pattern. Natural wood provides an authentic appearance; no knife is the same. To embrace this authenticity, each knife has its own tattoo designed by Henk himself. The prints are different, but each knife has a set of shark teeth in its sharp edge.

he meat ”.

One of the Netherlands' most famous tattoo artists

Henk Schiffmacher has been in the business for 40 years and is one of the Netherlands' most famous tattoo artists. His fame extends far beyond our borders. In addition to Herman Brood and Anouk, he also tattooed big international names such as Kurt Cobain, Lady Gaga, Robbie Williams and the members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Homey's - Tools for life

Since 1970, Homey's passionately develops tools that make everyday activities easier and more fun. Affordable and functional tools for the active outdoorsman, cooking fanatics, creatives and beauty lovers. With the focus on qualitative knives and experience, Homey develops Tools for Life.

This cool steak knife set will soon be available for € 149.95 in the shops of De Bijenkorf, Hanos and Sligro. Can't wait? Order the set  here on our webshop! 



Henk Schiffmacher X Homey's - Steakknives - Photo by Elke Naber

Henk Schiffmacher X Homey's - Steakknives - Photo by Elke Naber

Henk Schiffmacher X Homey's - Steakknives  - Met Hond - Photo by Elke Naber

Henk Schiffmacher X Homey's - Steakknives - Photo by Elke Naber