The Brandstory



Homey’s is a fresh brand introduced by the men behind Homeij. When the company, founded in 1970, swapped owners in 2016, the new chiefs felt there was something missing when it came to reflecting their core values. That’s when they deciced to freshen up the ‘Homeij’ brand. The ‘Homeij’ brand made name with their friendly-priced, reliable in- and outdoor products. The new chiefs wanted to continue designing and developing products with these characteristics, but felt that a certain feel, appearance and personality was missing. That’s when they decided to turn ‘Homeij’ into ‘Homey’s’. Along came its new tagline ‘Tools for life’ with which they clearly indicated what they wanted to focus when giving substance to their product range. Namely all conceivable tools you might need during indoor and outdoor life. Any kind of Homey’s product should make you feel like you can conquer the day without any trouble. As said: whether you’re an outdoor or indoor type of person, Homey’s provides tools for life!


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Homey's goal is to simplify and bring joy to everyday activities. We create products that are sustainable and functional to use. We’re proud to state that we have a level-headed view on life and on our products. Therefor we say ‘no’ to anything unnecessary and focus on what you actually need.





We are firm believers of the idea that in order to be able to enjoy nature, you have to preserve it.  That's why we aim to develop our products and packaging in a more eco-friendly and sustainable way. For instance, the boxes we use to pack our products are made of recycled cardboard. On top of that, we try to pick only the best materials when producing our products to make sure they last a lifetime.


Our products are designed in order to be as efficient as possible. We want to make sure it’s easy to maintain their quality and make them last a lifetime. On the other hand, we also have an eye for ergonomics and want our products to be easy and comfortable in use. 





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