Vitt Kitchen Set - 5 Piece Durable Knife Block with Scissors

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Prepare the tastiest dishes with this sustainable and eco-friendly Homey's 5-piece kitchen set. A stylish bamboo knife block with PET filament including 3 kitchen knives and handy scissors with a handle made of sustainable wheatgrass.

With Homey's VITT 5-piece kitchen set you will prepare the most delicious dishes in a sustainable way. The set includes a high quality knife block made of sustainable bamboo, 3 kitchen knives and 1 pair of scissors. The block is filled with PET filament, giving you the freedom to distribute the knives yourself. This filling is also very hygienic because the stems are easily removable, allowing you to easily rinse them under the tap.

The Homey's VITT kitchen set provides you with the essentials to get started in the kitchen. The 5-piece set includes:

  • the bamboo knife block
  • chef's knife (20cm)
  • coarse serrated bread knife (20cm)
  • a paring knife (9cm) 
  • universal kitchen scissors (21cm).

Each knife is razor sharp and made of top quality stainless steel. The kitchen scissors include a nutcracker in the middle and can be taken apart. The ecological Homey's VITT kitchen set comes in matching sustainable packaging made entirely from recycled cardboard.

The wheatgrass is reinforced with an organic polymer resin through a special manufacturing process. This resin is free of toxic, aggressive substances and heavy metals. This makes the VITT series food safe for use. We recommend washing a Homey's VITT product by hand.

Homey's is a fresh brand introduced by the men behind Homeij. With their slogan 'Tools for life ' they clearly indicate what they want to focus on when completing their range. Namely all imaginable tools that you need during the indoor and outdoor life. Homey's focuses on great functionality with a friendly price tag and sustainability where possible.

All Homey's products come with a 5-year warranty.