Between art and quiche

Posted by Lara on 23rd Jun 2023

Between art and quiche

Food is extremely important in our lives. At the beginning of humanity, we ate purely to survive, but soon the social component began to play an important role. Nowadays, food is mainly a way to enjoy and experience. With meals, we celebrate, comfort, and reconnect with friends and family. It is not surprising that for years, the turnover in the catering industry has been higher than 25 billion euros per year - and that does not even include all purchases in supermarkets and delicatessens. In short, cooking and eating have become an important part of our time. You can also see the importance of food in art. For centuries, artists have been inspired by food. Just think of The Potato Eaters, The Last Supper, and the countless still lifes of fruit bowls. But did you know that food and art have much more in common? Let's discover the wonderful world between art and quiche.

Food is emotion

Creativity in the kitchen can no longer be ignored in our daily lives. More and more attention is being paid to the presentation of dishes. If you regularly watch programs like Masterchef, you know that the layout of a dish is an important factor in its success. Dishes are rated much better when they are pleasing to the eye. The appearance of a meal can even provide a different taste experience. A chef is well-versed in preparing a plate and knows how to stimulate all the senses. But some chefs go a step further and turn their dish into a true piece of art.

With a painting, image, or even a piece of music in mind, they create a beautiful dish, with which they try to convey the emotion of what inspires them. This way you can not only see art but also experience the smell and taste of it. In this way, art and food reinforce each other, creating a total experience.

For example, Maison van den Boer, the well-known Dutch catering company, has developed a four-course menu: The Dutch Masters Palate. The dishes are based on works by Dutch masters Van Gogh, Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Mondrian. The brush strokes of Van Gogh and the girl with a pearl earring can therefore not only be seen during this dinner but also tasted.

Not a dinner, but a culinary theater piece: that's what you get when you dine at Alchemist in Copenhagen. Based on a journey through different spaces, you will be served 50 small dishes, all of which contain philosophical or socially current symbolism. Not only the restaurant is one large interactive painting - the dishes are also works of art in themselves. This is a nice example of how art, food, and the meaning of the dishes come together.

Edible art

Besides the chefs who serve true works of art, on the other hand, there are the artists who work with food. Sometimes intended to look at, sometimes to look at and to eat, but in all cases a feast for the eyes - and with a bit of luck also for the tongue.

Christopher Boffoli takes you into his own world with his art, inspired by stories from his childhood. This artist uses food in combination with mini-figures, creating fantasy worlds with food in the lead role. By playing with scale, a pizza becomes the scorching hot surface of an unknown planet, and a peppercorn becomes the ball in a football game. It may seem easy at first glance, but to get the right perspective, a scene is spent hours tinkering with before it can be photographed.

Dan Cretu combines food and art in different ways. He makes the most beautiful creations from seemingly simple ingredients. He transforms a piece of fruit or vegetable into something completely different or uses the existing shape, color, or structure of the product in a different context. Orange peel like the leather of a sneaker, the structure of a head of lettuce like a brain, and two scoops of chocolate ice cream like the hairstyles of a couple: his creations make you look at products that you encounter every day in a new way.

Speaking of ice cream: time for dessert! Be amazed by Debbie Goard's stunning cakes. On the cutting edge between art and cooking, this American makes the most beautiful creations to eat. From reptiles to cassette tapes and from cars to pickles: this cake artist turns everything into a very realistic cake. She is particularly successful with the lifelike structure of the counterfeit objects. Both an artist and a pastry chef.


Can you see yourself creating such a beautiful dish or work of art, but you don't know where to start? Inspiration can be found everywhere. Take The Modern Art Cookbook. In this book, Mary Ann Caws explores the relationship between the art of cooking and the art itself. You will also find countless recipes from all kinds of modern artists in this book. In short, a book about the art of eating. Would you rather get ideas from the couch? A simple search like 'cooking and art' in your search engine or on Pinterest immediately takes you into the world of artful dishes and edible art. Finally, we would like to inform you that with your own creativity, you can create a true work of art from even the most basic ingredients or dishes. Is a frozen pizza not restaurant worthy? Just look at this version, which would not look out of place in a luxury restaurant. Good luck!