Homey's tools for life not only make knives and accessories, they make tools for life. Tools with which you can make memories with your loved ones. We make this possible by setting up concepts, by developing products that, when combined, having a purpose in making memories for life.

Consider, for example, the JUNIOR children's set, with which you can cook together with your child from an early age. A moment that your child will always remember how he learned to cook, how to cut and how to handle fresh products.

But also the GRILLA barbecue can provides the ultimate moment, when you give the GRILLA as a gift to a real barbecue chef. Because with this tin, the barbecue hero will always have a memory of you and thank you for these awesome products which make the experience a whole.

All in all, the concepts of Homey’s are making your life a little better, they let you make memories. That's why the tools are your homey’s, your tools for life.